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CSS Shapes – From a New Guy’s Perspective

Let me first reference the article from SitePoint here by Patrick Catanzariti. It is a really great article, and should totally read it for real detailed information on the matter. This is really going to be about my viewpoint on this

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Through the Good Times and Bad Times…

Alrighty guys. Day two of daily blog is here, and I have some experiences to share. So here we go. So during the day it is kind of hard for me to get any work done right now. I am

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Time for some Daily Blogs!

Hey guys! I am going to try something new for this week. I have been feeling like I have all this information in my head, but with no direction to use it. So I went on Twitter asking for advice,

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MdownT Podcast #7 Link to the radial menu I created, with inspiration by Creative Punch. Link to my Treehouse account. Showing the progress I have made.  

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Update on where I have been

First off, sorry the blog hasn’t been updated in a while. I haven’t really had time this week with being sick, watching my daughter, and working every night on just learning and learning. However, I have great news to report:

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MdownT Podcast #6

Let me apologize if the podcast is randomly starting somewhere in the middle.  I could not get it to work correctly no matter what I tried.  But then it magically worked on a Kindle Fire… so go figure.  I hope

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