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Finished Mock Up Page – Review

So I thought it would be beneficial for me to go over some of the aspects of the project I was assigned. Overview: Create a Single Page Application (SPA)[basically a single web page with purposed functionality].  It must have the

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The First Steps in the Cosmodrone: Going Alone

So I boot up the demo.  I have loved Bungie products since Halo: Combat Evolved.  Something about the pure shooting and feel of the weapons.  The enemy AI is also another reason why I loved Halo.  Everyone remembers the Elites,

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Day 5 (Final Day!) of Mock up page

I am super excited to say I have finished the mock up page I have been asked to do.  It was awesome and exciting.  And I learned a bunch from the exercise. First, I added the shadows to the sides

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Day 4 working on Mock up page

So I didn’t have time to type this up Saturday when I really worked on the page. But I learned/worked a good bit on the page Saturday. I finished up some finishing touches on the CSS.  Of course I had

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My 10 Favorite Games of 2014

2014 was a year where I was not able to game as much as years previous.  Work, coaching, working on my web development skills, and having a family have limited the free time I have.  I wouldn’t trade these things

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