Action Plan for next few weeks

Here is the plan for the next few weeks (hopefully before the soccer season picks up):

  1. Treehouse has uploaded a ton of courses on the basics of JavaScript.  Although I have been through the basics on Codecademy one and a half times, and read through multiple resources, I want to go through Treehouse’s course to see how they explain things.
  2. Make some projects using JavaScript on Codepen.  I think I need to just make more things with JavaScript just to get used to looking up the things I need.  One thing I would like to do is make something that moves on the screen, which leads me to the next step.
  3. Jump into the Node.js course.  I have some project ideas (making a game is one of them) and I think Node would be great for this.  Also it seems Node is just getting more popular everyday, and I would really like to know where this is all going.
  4. Then when I am comfortable with this progress I want to dive back into Angular using the Treehouse course.  I went through the first part of the CodeSchool course, and I could feel myself getting a bit lost.  I attribute that to my lack of foundation in JavaScript (reason why I am going back).

I would also like to go through the new Java course on Treehouse just because I really enjoyed the first one.  I have looked at some SQL here recently as well (looked at, not studied).  I just wanted to see what were the basics on the database end.  I hope to record a podcast sometime this week.  I want to talk about a couple of games I have been playing lately and the college football scene.  I have considered recording a podcast just on web development, and then recording another podcast on just video games and sports.  If you have an opinion, let me know.

Also, if you haven’t checked out what Khan Academy has to offer in the computer programming side, please do so.  They have added quite a bit, enough to where I have recommended that my students interested to really look at that as opposed to Codecademy.  I think the videos and screencasts really add an additional positive to the learning experience.

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