Addicted to Points

So I am working on Treehouse, and I am excited to take some of the things I have learned and use them…but then I see my score (points generated from completing quizzes, exercises, courses, etc.)


I can’t leave it there!  So I go back and take a another course, quiz, or something.  This hasn’t just happened with score though.  This can happen with badges or achievements.  Sometimes this stuff drives us to do more than the actual material we are going through.  Sometimes this can cause us to go into and learn more things than we had originally intended to.

There are positives and negatives to this system.  Ultimately, it is there to increase retention rates to a website or program.  And it probably does a great job at doing that.  But at the same time this can cause people to get so addicted to the accumulation of points and badges that focus on the objective could be overshadowed.  I suppose some people do not go into these courses to learn but more like games.  This is what gamification has done to many websites.

Overall, it is probably a great thing.  But for me, I can get so addicted to the game part of the whole thing that I forgo actually taking the material and practicing with it.  What have others done to combat this?  I have considered going through the material again, so that now the points won’t increase again, but I can go learn the information again without the pressure/ distraction of points going up.  Curious as to what others do.

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