Back end Computer Languages

So Treehouse released their first course on Java, and I was immediately drawn back to when I took C++ in college. I really enjoyed it. A lot of the thinking is more geared towards processes as opposed to presentation.

Ellipse full of back end computer languages

Back End Languages

So I think I am going to go through the Introduction to Java course on Udacity. I think that I will possibly really enjoy back end languages as it feels more like my favorite aspects of mathematics. I know that you can do many of the same things in JavaScript, but Java just seems better built for the processes. Maybe once I get accustomed to using Java to make all my crazy math stuff in my head work, I can find ways to throw it in a web browser using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

But now I feel like I am splitting myself three different ways. One, I am still working on the soccer website. I have finally (I think???) made the header and navigation. Now I need to generate some stuff for the body of the page.

Two, I want to learn some AngularJS because I would like to make a contact form for the website using Angular. I think it would be a great way to enhance the user’s experience with a contact form by allowing them to see in real time what they will be submitting.

Three, I would like to make some mathematical programs using Java. I like math. That is a good enough reason for me lol.

So this is where I am at right now. During the summer when I have a ton of time all this would be awesome to switch back and forth. But during the school year my time is premium, so I feel like I may be spreading myself a bit too thin. Oh well, guess we will find out soon enough.

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