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This is a little longer than an update.

Things Learned from Four Weeks & Four Coding Camps

The last four straight weeks I have spent teaching various development topics to students in different cities throughout south central Tennessee.  It is the second straight year my June has been booked with such.  This year was a bit crazier

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New School Year, Music City Code, Church Website, and College Football (Update)

Here we are rolling into September.  It is getting that time of year where things start settling into a groove into what the next 10 months will be for me.  Here is a look at some of the things that

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Observations from a Summer’s Worth of Coding Camps

So I am finishing up my 5th Coding Camp of the summer and I will be helping with another camp next week.  While this summer has been hectic and crazy with all the camps and traveling, I have enjoyed the

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Finished Mock Up Page – Review

So I thought it would be beneficial for me to go over some of the aspects of the project I was assigned. Overview: Create a Single Page Application (SPA)[basically a single web page with purposed functionality].  It must have the

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The First Steps in the Cosmodrone: Going Alone

So I boot up the demo.  I have loved Bungie products since Halo: Combat Evolved.  Something about the pure shooting and feel of the weapons.  The enemy AI is also another reason why I loved Halo.  Everyone remembers the Elites,

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Day 5 (Final Day!) of Mock up page

I am super excited to say I have finished the mock up page I have been asked to do.  It was awesome and exciting.  And I learned a bunch from the exercise. First, I added the shadows to the sides

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