Coding Languages in Freelance Web Development

This post is more of a call for discussion as opposed to what I have been doing lately or my thoughts on something.  I am going through javascript and PHP right now.  I am really enjoying learning these languages.  I have visited a company here in the Nashville area that uses jQuery, Less, and EE (More about this awesome experience later.  I want to really formulate what I learned from my trip).  I understand that the large scale of the clients they are dealing with almost requires all the moving parts and different languages.

However, how about a freelance web designer/developer.  If you are making a simple website for a someone, how many languages do you use?  Has CSS3 with all the animations, transitions, and transformations changed the amount of other languages needed?  Do freelancers make websites with HTML and CSS exclusively?

Having built my own website and now learned how many things can be done is CSS3, I am curious about the purpose of using other languages in a website.  Obviously, if you are needing to access a database to retrieve stored information that is one thing, but what about a simple website for someone or a client?

Let me know in the comments what you use or know of others using.  I think this could be a neat topic to discuss.

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