College Football Playoff Picture – Nov. 7, 2015

We knew this weekend would provide drama, and it did.  But the drama came from other places that most of us did not expect (Michigan State, Ole Miss).  Of course with some big teams also went down (LSU, TCU).  So how does that shape up my new top 10?

  1. Clemson
  2. Ohio State
  3. Baylor
  4. Oklahoma State
  5. Iowa
  6. Alabama
  7. Notre Dame
  8. LSU
  9. Stanford
  10. Florida

Couple of things to note here.  I did jump Clemson above Baylor and Ohio State.  This is not only because of the playoff ranking, but mainly because of the great win against Florida State.  That was a huge win.  Next, Baylor drops below Ohio State due to the quarterback issue.  We will see how he shapes up.  Then, OK State throttling TCU was huge.  This might make OK State the favorite in the Big 12.  Oklahoma will have something to say about who will win that conference.  Next, the win by Alabama really makes the SEC an interesting discussion.  Basically, a 1 loss team (possibly two loss team still) will win, and the discussion of will the winner of the SEC still make the playoff.  Here is how I see the playoff lining up now.

  1. Clemson
  2. Ohio State
  3. Oklahoma State
  4. Alabama
  5. Notre Dame
  6. Stanford

I think Clemson looks really strong, and could possibly hold on to the #1 spot the rest of the year.  I could see Ohio State losing another game this year (Michigan State or Michigan), so I am not totally confident in that pick.  Oklahoma State kinda scares me as well, but they seem to be the best total package in the Big 12.  Finally, I give Alabama the edge over Notre Dame because Alabama gets here by winning the SEC.

Next week will probably provide more drama, as more of these ranked teams will play better opponents.  I have a feeling we will have another 2-3 teams in the top 10 lose.  It is definitely an exciting time to be a college football fan.

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