Creating a CSS Grid – Introduction

Responsive web design is a must in today’s website considerations.  Many people are browsing the internet with phones and tablets as opposed to desktops now.  This means that website HAVE to look great for large monitors and small screen devices.  We still want our websites to present the information in a stylish manner no matter the technology being used.

Creating a CSS grid can greatly benefit our ability to move content around the page in the preferred area, and still keep the information organized so it doesn’t matter where our website is being viewed.  I plan on covering how to create a CSS grid over a number of articles.  However, I would like for each entry to have a specific message being conveyed so that something can be learned each time.

First consider the website you are wanting to make a grid for.  What is going to be the layout of the website?  Where will all the information exist?  It is organized in that manner for a reason?  What would you consider the key pieces of content that you want people to see when they arrive at the website?  We need to consider all aspects of the website we are going to be making the grid for.  Only then can we proceed to the next step of determining the actual dimensions of the content in the website.

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