Day 1 working of Mock up page

So exciting news: I am working on a mock up page for a particular reason!  I like the fact that I have a very clear purpose to be working on this project.  The stakes are clear and defined, and I feel like I am being tested.  This is what I feel like I have been working towards.  I am a competitive person, and I like that things are riding on me doing well.

So likes get to some details about what I have done without (hopefully) giving away everything.

First thing I did today was review over some JavaScript on Treehouse, then go through Treehouse’s course on Nodejs.  This is awesome to go through… but I ran into a problem with all this…

This could all be me, but Node, Grunt, and Windows don’t get along.  Over and over I kept getting crazy things on the command line like “command is not an internal or external operation” or something of the sorts.  I tried resetting paths and all kinds of crazy stuff I kept searching, but no avail.  So I moved on from getting that set up.  I will say though, I would really like to get Node working on my machine.  But we will see.

Then I went to the mock up psd and started taking notes on the different things I will need to pay attention to by printing out the psd and drawing/writing on the print out.  I found this helped me sort out better what to look for.

One aspect of the project will require going through some JSON and using the information provided change what appears in the text.  I have some ideas on what I can do to do this, but since tomorrow I will not be able to work on this, I plan to read part of a book about this to see if there is a better way.

Monday will be the next day I really get to work on this.  So my plan is to use the next two days to sort out the steps I will need to take to accomplish the goals needed.  I know that I had an action plan, but it got thrown to the side when this opportunity came up.  No complaints here.


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