Day 3 of working on Mock up page

So I was not able to spend as much time today as I originally thought I would be able to.  But that is fine.  I worked on a couple other things and read up on how jQuery animations and chaining works.  It is still confusing though.

I was attempting to get jQuery to not only to change classes upon a menu item being clicked, but to fade and slide old content out and fade and slide new content in.  I have got the animate method to slide and fade old content out, and the call back function is removing the “active” class from the panel, but I am having difficulty sliding in new content and declaring the new content active.  I do not know exactly how I should do this year, but am still considering it.

I also have to have an animation on the menu part.  I need to figure out a nice animation from the old menu item (not content panel) to the new menu item.  Right now I just have a class denoting an “active” class which just changes the background to white.  I still have to think about the available options here.

I was not able to work on the JSON part of the project today.  If I continue to struggle getting the animation to work exactly how I want it, I will move on to the JSON part.

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