Day 5 (Final Day!) of Mock up page

I am super excited to say I have finished the mock up page I have been asked to do.  It was awesome and exciting.  And I learned a bunch from the exercise.

First, I added the shadows to the sides of the page to make it look nicer.  It kind of made the page pop out, so I am glad that the mock up wanted the shadows there.  This actually took some time for me to figure out exactly how to do.  For example, I needed the background of the image to extend the full height of the page, but CSS was not getting the job done.  So I ended up throwing some jQuery in there to measure the height and setting the heights of the div containing the shadows to that height.  In the end, it worked out for me.

Then I wanted to try to fix this stupid LiveReload issue I was having where the request for the script was being denied.  I tried downloading an extension, but no help.  StackOverflow didn’t have the answers I needed.  Read up on some docs on Github, still no help.  I probably spent 4 hours on this issue to never resolve it. However…

I did stumble onto an awesome discovery.  I was able to use Grunt to run jslint and csslint to check my work!  This was awesome, as I pointed me to some syntax stuff that was kinda messy.  So I fixed that all up.  It made me kind of think “I bet that the people evaluating the code are using these files.” So this felt like something that could really help me.  On one note though, some of the suggestions that the csslint made I didn’t fully understand or agree with.  I did some research after it mentioned that IDs should not be used as selector in CSS, but I never found everyone agreeing with this online.  It seemed to be more of personal preference.  So I left that.

Then I found out that even though I have been using Git and Github for my personal projects, I still know very little about these technologies.  Wow, did this make me feel like an idiot.  I cloned the branch I SHOULD have forked instead.  I should have forked, then cloned.  But noooooooo, I had to go and do something crazy/stupid.  So I had to go and refork the branch, move my work out of the Github folder since the repositories had the same names, then literally just copy and paste files over from one folder to another.  Or at least this was my solution.  There is probably a more elegant solution.   But I think it all worked.  I am making this sound like it was immediately clear what to do, but it wasn’t not.  This was a good couple hours of tinkering.

Having said all this (it kind of seems like this post is really negative) I really enjoyed the project.  As I have already said one before, this project had weight/pressure and I really enjoyed the motivation this project offered.

If you have any comments or suggestions for me, just drop a comment below or email me at  Thanks for listening to me ramble about this mock up over five blog posts!

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