Flexbox and Multicolumn Layouts

So before this week I have been using floats and clears to create layouts for my websites.  It has done the job, along with making sure I only use percents with my widths.  This has done the job, but plenty of manual work is required, along with being comfortable with arithmetic.

However, I have learned this week about the flexbox and multicolumn layouts.  I have not used them yet, but I can already see how I would use flexbox to make great main navigation menus.  Multicolumn layouts could be used to make fully responsive websites.  This seems like a great way to take a mobile first approach in designing websites.

Do you guys knows about these great tools?  How do you use them?  I am still brain storming on what the great uses would be.  Let me know what you think, either by commenting below.

I know that this write up was short, but I am about to be leaving to go home from Clarksville, TN.  I plan on just relaxing and enjoying seeing my family again when I get home.  I will also be watching the mess out of the World Cup.

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Thanks guys, and have a great weekend.



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