It’s been awhile…

Hey guys.  I know it has been awhile since I last wrote, but there has been alot going on and I just haven’t had time to do much.  I really haven’t been learning as much as I could the last few months with coaching soccer, end of year testing, job changing, and teaching code camps.  Here is where I am at:

1. I have been teaching code camps all June long.  The set up for all this really started before the end of the school year.  I have been working with TN Code Academy and sponsored by South Central TN Workforce Alliance.  I have taught in Spring Hill, Chattanooga, Lawrenceburg, and I am in Centerville this week.  I have one more camp in Linden in July, then finally I have my summer.  But the busy days don’t stop…

2.  I have accepted a teaching position for high school math closer to where I live.  This is exciting as I have always felt I would do well working at a high school.  I will not be coaching football, but may still be coaching soccer (hopefully).  I have been interviewing while teaching at all the code camps which has been a crazy experience.  Thankfully the sponsor has been awesome and worked with me during the times I would be missing some of the camps.  We have had guest speakers come in and talk about various topics and show demos of web apps and websites.  I think the students have really enjoyed these times.

Now comes the time where I have to start moving everything over to the new school.  So that will take some time.

I hope to get back to working on my own learning sometime soon.  Hopefully I will get back into a flow of posting and updating as things slow down.  I would like to write about more than football and web development, so the scope of my blog will start expanding (which basically means I am going to start writing about whatever I want lol).  With the new job I will have just over an hour extra every day.  I hope to use this time to devote to learning, writing, podcasting, etc.

I am excited about what the future holds.

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