My 10 Favorite Games of 2014

2014 was a year where I was not able to game as much as years previous.  Work, coaching, working on my web development skills, and having a family have limited the free time I have.  I wouldn’t trade these things away for more time.  It is just where I am in life right now.  But I still find time to enjoy these experiences.  Gaming is a way for me to relax.  Having said these things, let’s move on to my list:

10.  Threes (Android)

While I played quite a few games on my phone and tablet this year (Trivia Crack, Frozen Synapse, Pixel Dungeon, Knights of Pen and Paper just to name a few), this game stands out.  It is a great game to play if you just have a few minutes to spare or are sitting in a waiting room. The sound effects are cute.  The gameplay is fluid.  The continuous building up of numbers is addicting.  Go play it.

9.  Fantasia (Xbox One)

This Kinect game is fun to mix up different remixes of songs.  There are a lot of great surprises for each song.  Highly recommended if you like waving your hands like you just don’t care, and if  you like to tinker and tamper with the way an original song sounds.

8.  Civilization: Revolution (Xbox 360)

Downloaded this one day as it was a free game on Xbox Live.  My wife actually enjoyed sitting beside me and we worked together on which paths to take with our civilization.  The game is a proper length for the amount of stuff in it.  And screw Spain (in the game).

7.  Minecraft (Xbox 360)

This game is on here because it is really fun to just dig, dig, and dig some more.  Also, my daughter loves Mr. Moo Cow and Mr. Chicken.  She is going to be sorely disappointed when she finds out cows don’t really climb trees.

6.  Love Letter (Card Game)

This year I started watching a lot of videos on card and board games.  I hope that next year I will be playing many more of these, but this is where I started.  And what a great start it is.  A wonderful card game where each round takes anywhere from a minute to five minutes.

5.  Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One)

This is a game I bought for my daughter to watch, and I have enjoyed playing it each time.  You run a zoo, and have the ability to change exhibits, animals, facilities, and more.  The challenge is what I enjoy, while my daughter loves watching the elephants eat an apple out of the avatar’s hand.

4. Destiny (Xbox One)

I thought this game would be higher on my list.  The shooting feels amazing.  The enemy AI is fun to go against.  And the strikes are really fun.  The biggest problem?  I just don’t like playing this game by myself too much.  The enemies spawn back a little too quickly for my taste, and it seems like the game will be short on different types of content.  Still, the quality of the fundamentals are too hard to ignore.

3.  Hearthstone (PC and tablets)

This CCG is really fun.  Blizzard puts so much production into this game, it is a pleasure just to watch.  But the strategy in this game is engaging. What you planned on doing last turn won’t work anymore because your opponent has done something you have to take care of. And it is a joy to deal with that situation.  Also, screw the Shaman. I hate all those stinking totems.

2.  TagPro (PC)

I met the creator of this game at Nodevember this year.  We were talking and I noticed his shirt which said TagPro.  So he told me about this game he had started and still runs.  He explained it as simple capture the flag.  I immediately thought about the glorious days of playing CTF in Halo on Blood Gulch and Sidewinder.  So I checked the game out.  Wow is this game addictive.  Simple and competitive.  This is the formula for a great e-sport type of game, and that is exactly what this is.  It is free and totally recommended.

1.  Fifa 14 (Xbox 360)

I love sports and sports games, especially football and soccer.  I am a football and soccer coach.  I have owned and played more than 75% of all the Maddens.  FIFA not as much, but I believe this is my 10th soccer game.  This game is one of the best soccer games I have ever played.  I enjoyed this game so much.  The Ultimate Team mode is awesome and engaging.  I love the Online Career Pro, and have a upper 80’s midfielder.  But I could not quit playing the Manager Career Mode.  I played multiple seasons with multiple teams, and I played one team (Go Mansfield Town!) for 7 seasons.  I have had my rough stretches where I got my tail handed to me (I play all my sports games on the hardest difficulty modes possible.  I love the added challenge of struggling to achieve victory.), I could not put it down.  Some may think that this is crazy, but I now have the Xbox 360 in the bedroom.  I have FIFA 15 for the Xbox One in the living room, but I don’t know if that will stop me from continuing what I have started in FIFA 14.  If that isn’t enough praise, I don’t know what it.  This is easily my Game of the Year.

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