New School Year, Music City Code, Church Website, and College Football (Update)

Here we are rolling into September.  It is getting that time of year where things start settling into a groove into what the next 10 months will be for me.  Here is a look at some of the things that have happened the last month:

I have started teaching at a new school and new county this year.  I am also going from teaching 8th grade to Geometry (normally 10th graders).  I started getting back the feelings I had my first year of teaching (good and bad).  I have settled down this time much faster.  I guess we can attribute that to many things: being older, experience, wiser (hopefully), and just realizing that it will all settle down and I will be able to figure my way through it all. How will the new school/grade/year go?  We shall see.  I feel pretty good about my location and position right now.

Saturday, I attended Music City Code at Lipscomb University.  That was an awesome event to attend.  I really haven’t haven’t done much web developing in the last month for multiple reasons (kind of worn out from teaching camps all summer, wanted to settle into new school, working on some other things at home, etc.) but this event energized me.  I have some ideas as to what I want to do and where I want to go now.  I want to continue my study into JavaScript and learn how Node.js works.  It intrigues me how one language can be used on both ends of the spectrum.

I have found out that I will possibly be teaching another camp during my fall break (because I choose a profession where I have ‘weeks off,’ so I fill those weeks with more work).  We may be changing the template of the camp this time however.  I am going to make more of the material from scratch for this camp.  It is kind of exciting to do so, but also daunting.  The one thing that has me a bit worried is coming up with a design as the logo of the camp.  I don’t consider my design skills to be great, but this is still exciting nevertheless.

Another reason why I haven’t been working on my own web development learning the last month is I am now maintaining the website for the church I attend.  This is exciting as this is the first website I am working on that is not my own.  I have been learning the basics behind the website.  Thankfully, the CMS is the same that I use (WordPress), so that helped.  There are definitely things on the website that are more advanced than what I do.  I think I have a grasp of the basics.  Now I put on my thinking cap and think of ways to better promote the website not only throughout the church, but in the community.

Finally, it is college football season!  I hope to do more write ups this year about what I see as I watch the games.  I don’t plan on releasing my top 10 until a couple weeks into the season.  But I am excited to see the first weeks of the season get underway.


That is where I am at now.  Hopefully, there will be more write ups this month.  I hope to start working on the camp material first, then start working on learning node.js.  If there is anything you think I should look at and would love to hear my opinion on a matter let me know!

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