Summertime as a Teacher


During the school year as a teacher I work my tail off.  Not only do I teach, but I am also an assistant football coach, head coach for boy’s soccer, and adjunct at a local community college.

I didn’t include the soccer tournament I organize and run for boys soccer that is county wide, the graduate level courses I have been taking to acquire my professional teaching license, and acting as a representative for curriculum implementation for the county.

/*deep breath*/

I am not complaining.  In fact I love to work.  I am proud of how hard I work whenever I have a task in front of me.  I get my passion for working hard from my father, who is the owner if his business.  If you know any successful self-employed workers, you know how hard they work.  I have always enjoyed being busy.

But when the school year ends, most of this comes to a screeching halt.  Sure it is awesome to have some breathing time and time to spend with family and friends, but going from full blown schedule and work all day long to the summer can really mess with teachers.  It is like a car going down the interstate in 6th gear going 90 mph then coming to a blistering stop.  It can mess with the transmission.

I combat it as much as possible by working on personal projects (such as developing websites and learning new skills), week conferences and academies, and learning all I can about possible future endeavors.  The summer allows me time to look at new opportunities, and assess where I am at and where I want to be down the road.   It allows me time to learn so many new and exciting things.

I hear many teachers say that the summer is an opportunity for them to make more money than they normally do and experience more things.  I see truth in this, and am striving to get to the point where it is applicable for me as well.  But as a new professional, it is hard to make those leaps in networking.  It can be hard to recognize an opportunity when you see it.  It can be difficult to know when and how to use connections.  It is definitely something that comes easier and better over time.

All in all, the summer is a time where teachers have new adventures.  It can be a time of learning new exciting knowledge. It can be a time to acquire new skills.  It can be a time of discovery.  It can be a time of disappointment.  It can be a time of reflection.  Above all, it IS a time of experiences.


Thanks for reading.


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