Taking an Off Day can be Really Difficult…

Today was one of those days where I had plans to work on some things, but ended up not.  It has been a really rough last two weeks.  But I wanted to get some work done today.  That didn’t happen.

Sometimes you have to take an off day.  This is the hardest thing for me to do sometimes.  I just do not like the feeling that I could be doing something, but I have to realize that I AM doing something productive on these days… I am resting and recuperating.  If you run a car without a break it will run out of gas.  This principle is the same for us.  We have to make sure to put time aside to rest.

I did get some things done today.  Watched and worked on Treehouse on some Python basics.  (I will do a write up on why I am doing this at another time.)  I spent a lot of time looking at different job positions.  It is really interesting how so many job positions seem to use the same language.  It is also interesting how most open positions are filled by relationships, not general applications.  The whole process of job hunting, hiring, recruiting is really interesting.

Well, that is enough mumbling for now.  I will have a couple posts next week on CSS Grids.  I plan on messing with Audacity and getting a podcast made again.  I have my Blue Snowball microphone!  So I need to put it to good use.  If you have tips or advice with Audacity (or a different program I should be looking at) or just in making a podcast let me know!

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