The Blurred Lines Between CSS3 and JavaScript/JQuery

CSS3 seems to have so many features.  Media queries are a great way to implement responsive web designs through breakpoints.  JQuery has ways of implementing breakpoints as well.  A quick google search shows that Breakpoint.js is do custom things depending on which breakpoint the website hits.  While this is really useful, CSS3 is now allowing for this.

But JQuery allows for different animations during those transitions, and that would be a defining reason to use JQuery.  However, CSS3 now has animations, transitions, and transformations.  These can be triggered on page load or on hover.  I haven’t looked too much into whether the animations can be triggered on click, but maybe this is where JavaScript/JQuery is used to implement the animation.  Maybe you could use the pseudo class of focus to trigger the event. Not sure.  I am still looking at and playing with those ideas.

But maybe all the CSS3 animations are just neat and not useful.  It seems that the JQuery plugins are not hard to implement at all.  However, I just feel like if you can leave a webpage as 2 languages (HTML/CSS) that would be faster than starting to bring in more languages.  But I am not sure how much that would matter.  These are some of the things I am looking at.

I am almost finished with the JQuery course on Team Treehouse.  I am looking forward to getting to the Git section of the front end web development track.  Accessibility and Website Optimization are next.  Those should not take too long.  I have made an artificial deadline of July 4th to be finished with the front end web development track, so here is hoping I accomplish that.

Look forward sometime soon to a write up on my visits to two awesome places, Caddis Interactive and Mind Volt.  They allowed me to go, ask questions, and learn from their web developers.  I also plan on solving my podcasting issue.  I am thinking about using Google Hangouts and just stripping the audio to create a podcast. I have an old microphone I may just use right now for those purposes, or I will just use my phone or tablet to record video also and use that.  Let me know what you think about that.  Thanks guys, and have a great weekend.

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