The First Steps in the Cosmodrone: Going Alone

So I boot up the demo.  I have loved Bungie products since Halo: Combat Evolved.  Something about the pure shooting and feel of the weapons.  The enemy AI is also another reason why I loved Halo.  Everyone remembers the Elites, and how they reacted to your gun shots.  The Flood was absolutely aggravating.  Those little guys from the Flood gave me nightmares.  But overall I remember all the great times I had with friends playing Halo.  All night sessions of capture the flag, co-op playing the last levels of each game.   Playing the campaign on legendary in co-op (remember the Library level?  UH!)

One difference here between this time and those times.  This time, I am starting Destiny alone.  I do not have my friends yet to play with.  After Christmas I would own the game so I could play with friends, but I went ahead and played to level 10 without friends.  This made for an interesting experience.  Overall I really enjoyed it.  Here are the main points about my experience.

The shooting felt amazing.  Even after all these years, I still believe that Bungie makes the best feeling shooters.  Now that they have ADS(Aim Down Sights) it matches what other shooters have feature wise.  But just in feeling alone, I still think Destiny is the best feeling shooter I have played to date.

Enemy AI is great.  I have heard some complaints about not enough varied content and enemies, but from what I see, there are a good bit of enemies.  In the first ten levels I only fought against the Fallen and the Hive, and they seem kind of similar but different enough to make a difference.  The thrall remind me of the small little heads from the Flood in the Halo universe.  And each group has different characteristics.  The bosses are really fun to play.

But… playing alone had 1 big problem.  I didn’t have people to coordinate with, and it felt like when I finally defeated a group of enemies, they would come back too quickly.  I don’t mind grinding, but the respawn rates are a bit to fast for my liking.

The demo only let you play to level 7, but once I got the game I ended up starting a new character and changing classes.  I went from being a Hunter to being a Warlock.  I really liked the AOE Super the Warlock can use, and I just didn’t care for the golden gun Super the Hunter had.  In the first ten levels though, most things other than the Supers aren’t too different.

After I reached level 10 though, I had caught up enough to my friends who were already playing Destiny that I could start playing with them.  This leads to a new experience.

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