Through the Good Times and Bad Times…

Alrighty guys. Day two of daily blog is here, and I have some experiences to share. So here we go.

So during the day it is kind of hard for me to get any work done right now. I am watching my daughter as my wife help a local community college with a math academy. But I was able to get some pages read from the book “JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY: interactive front-end web development” by Jon Duckett. So I am in the thick chapter about objects. Generally, objects have been a harder concept for me to understand. One of the biggest problems I have had is with the keyword this. This book made my understanding of that keyword much clearer. Especially where this could reference the window object. That really helped. I am really excited to read more and more of this book.

Next, I was able to start looking into ExpressionEngine 2. I purchased a tutorial from Mijingo about creating a website from start to finish. I had a bit of a hiccup during the installation process. I had put the whole ExpressionEngine folder in the database I was using and the installation process did not like that. I spent a few good minutes trying to figure out exactly what was wrong, considering the checker said I was good. So once I got that squared away, it installed. But then I had to uninstall and reinstall so I could follow the tutorial. I had gotten ahead of the tutorial and clicked for installing the Agile Records template. Once we fixed that, then I was good for awhile, until my most recent problem. On the global template preferences, I am trying have the option for enabling template routes to stay at yes. But every stinking time I click update, it automagically switches to no without any notification or warning. It is ticking me off. So hopefully I can find a solution to that by asking some guys tomorrow about it. Who knows, but I got frustrated and walked away there.

So I started going through the freelance course at Team Treehouse. I just figure while I am not a full time web developer a good thing for me to do could possibly be get some projects to work on the side. It could be an additional source of income and give me great and valuable experience. I really think the phases topics covered in the course has been great. I don’t really come from a family of techy people, so seeing how the phases should work has been beneficial to me. I hope to finish that whole course Thursday.

As far as games go, I play some FIFA 14 again today. Still going through my season. I know that transfers are a big deal, but I really like the recruiting and youth academy aspects of the game the best. That could also be because I am a coach who has to recruit young players all the time to come play for my program. I also redownloaded Game Dev Story for my tablet. That game never gets old. It kind of makes me want to create a game. I may look into what type of game I would like to create. I think that could be some fun.

Well, I don’t think I will be able to do as much tomorrow. But I will be visiting a company during lunch to learn. I always enjoy being able to visit an environment where everyone is working with each other, and I hear all these things I have been trying to learn. It is nicer being able to hear them in person as opposed to forums, chats, or videos. So I am excited about going to that.

Well guys, if you have some advice on the EE issue I am having, PLEASE let me know. It is still heavy on my mind, and just is throwing me off. Either leave a comment of message me on Twitter @mdownt. Until next time, peace out guys!

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