Time for some Daily Blogs!

Hey guys! I am going to try something new for this week. I have been feeling like I have all this information in my head, but with no direction to use it. So I went on Twitter asking for advice, and I got some great responses. I thought I would go through a couple right now, and let you know what is going on.

First, one piece of advice was to blog on what I have been doing. While I have been doing this, I think I could do it better and more often. So I thought I would do this little experiment where I will write up a blog entry every night this week. This will (hopefully) keep me in check by making me work and accomplish things so I can have something tangible to write about. This will kinda push me to do more things.

Next, I should try to write down my plans for each week. Before I finished my Team Treehouse track, I used to do this a lot and it was a great asset to my learning. I have gotten away from doing that thought as I went through the Team Treehouse track. So it is time to get back to scheduling! I won’t be sharing what I am doing for this whole week right now however, because then I wouldn’t have anything to write about later! So here we go!

Today, I talked with a friend about a side project we are working on (the one I have been mentioning in the last couple podcasts). We were talking about logos and design ideas. It was really great to listen to her talk about the ideas she is thinking about. I think she is a very creative person, and it is awesome to be able to just talk about the things that I know I can learn from her about.

Then I worked on moving over my blog from the WordPress.com site to where I am hosting it on my website now. There are still some tweaks that need to be made with the design and some of the previous posts. I am thinking that I may not find a way to get the first 5 episodes of the podcast onto this blog. But if that is a bad idea I bet someone will bang me over the head! So I will wait til then. But I have been messing with about of the plug ins for the WordPress site. I am pretty excited about hosting the site myself, and really seeing what I can do with it.

Also, someone sent me a recommendation to a course about learning Expression Engine. So I bought that today from mijingo.com. I am hoping to dive into that course some tomorrow. Hopefully this will help me determine whether I should stay with WordPress, EE, or just use both where appropriate.

I haven’t installed Google Analytics onto the blog yet. I am going to check out the Jetpack statistics first, and see if I just can use those and be happy there. I would like to keep the stats separate so it gives me two different types of data to look at.

I am hoping to replace my WordPress.com blog with my self hosted blog soon. I will probably post this onto both blogs right now just so everyone can see on both ends. However, I plan to post exclusively on my own blog by the end of the week. I just think it might be good to use both for right now.

Also, just reading and thinking about what all I have typed into this blog, I really need to improve my writing skills. I will blame my BS in math for my poor writing.

As far as entertainment (games) goes right now, I have still be playing FIFA 14. Going through my 5th(?) season I think right now. I have taken Mansfield Town into League 1 now. I am really hoping that I can move to the MLS by way of job offer. I just think it would be neat. I also played a bit of Gave Dev Tycoon Lite today. That game is a WHOLE LOT like Game Dev Story. There are more options in GDT, so maybe if it goes on a really nice sale I will by. But I think $10 for that is a bit too high.

However, I do think that both games have inspired me to try taking some of these powers (coding languages) I have been learning and attempting to make a game. I really need to sit down with paper and pencil and figure out what I would like to make, but who knows. Maybe there will be a game in my future. It would have to be really simple, but hey, gotta start somewhere.

Well, I think that is enough rambling for tonight. Until tomorrow guys, peace out!

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