Update on all the things

Web Development:

Nodevember is around the corner. I am excited about attending the event again this year.  I have been away from web development quite a bit over the past few months just because I am focusing on getting used to the new school.  Maybe after Nodevember I will be inspired to do something in particular, but I am not putting as much pressure on myself to learn so much about web development right now.


School has been rough at first.  I think things are getting better, then something happens to change that perception.  That has been kind of the way the year has gone on.  But I feel like we have made a breakthrough right before the fall break.  I am hoping that this will catapult into great things the rest of the semester.

We also just had soccer tryouts the first day of fall break.  It was a great short tryout.  I feel that we have a team that communicates with each other, and works for each other.  I am excited about how the year will go.


I have made mention that I play Destiny on Xbox One.  Right now I feel Destiny is in a great spot.  I have started streaming on Twitch every now and then just for fun.  I enjoy watching others play games and I figured that maybe others will enjoy watching me play as well.

College Football:

Hopefully sometime this weekend I will give my first impressions of the season up to this point and hopefully release my top 10 sometime after this weekend’s games.


I hope you enjoy me just posting about random things.  It is a great way for me to just type up things that I am currently up to that I feel like sharing.  It is enjoyable for me to just share anything I can with anyone when I have been helped by so many people throughout my life.  Thanks guys!

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