What I have been up to in the last month

Hey guys. It has been awhile since I have been able to update what I have been up to lately.  I thought with me taking a day off today would be a great day to give some updates.

I am still reading on the Javascript and jQuery book by Jon Duckett.  It is pretty good so far.  It is really helping enforcing some of the fundamentals of Javascript that I particularly didn’t understand before.  For example, the DOM elements really always confused me.  But the book broke down that topic really well.  Understanding this really helped me understand why jQuery works the way it does (and I haven’t gotten to that chapter in the book yet).

I have been going through some tutorials about WordPress on Treehouse lately.  It seems that many developers I run into really despise how WordPress is set up, ran, and possible security issues.  I still want to understand WordPress because it is so popular, and I feel that if I can understand it even more, it will help me when I move to different CMS’s (EE, Kraft, etc.).  I also have been watching pieces of Mijingo’s course over Expression Engine.

Football season is upon us.  So my time is getting less and less each week.  I am hoping to update again before I finish the book I am reading.

What makes it really hard to continue learning right now is the fact that I work full time plus coach football.  And I don’t want to shirk my researching on strategies on my job(s) I have right now, so it makes it hard to learn that the pace I was going at this summer.  I am really excited for September 20th though.  Coderfaire is happening in Nashville, and I am going to be there all day.  Hopefully this will recharge my batteries and get me going back to learning all I can again.  The event comes near the end of our football season (middle school), and so that will be a great way to me to resurface into web development and learn more and more.

On a side note about web development, I am helping start up a beginners web development club at my school I teach at.  This is really exciting as students will be able to start learning some of the fundamentals needed and I will be able to interject what I am trying to learn more and more into my job.  I am hoping to gauge interest within the next couple weeks and possibly have our first meeting within the next month.  Hopefully the next time I update this blog we will have already met, and I can give an update on that.

Again, if you have comments or questions just send them my way.  Thanks for reading, and have a great week everyone.


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